Reading Rainbow Level 4 :
1. Red Ball On The Floor 51. A One Mile Race
2. Warm Air and a Sandwich 52. Good Soldiers Bad Soldiers
3. He Gets Dressed Sees His Friend 53. A Mirror At Dance School
4. Noisy Animals Quiet Animals 54. A Job On The Farm
5. They Play Catch 55. Dress Up Like Her Mom
6. Cookie On The Floor 56. Fire Truck Saves House
7. A Cat And A Dog 57. Polar Bears Need Help
8. Hungry For Hot Dogs 58. He Fishes With His Dad
9. Her Book And Her Cats 59. A Soccer Goalie
10. Kids And Their Teacher 60. A Soft Wet Frog
11. Parents Save Babies From Fire 61. A Turtle Has Its Own Home
12. A Young Girl Knows How 62. A Doll For Her Birthday
13. A Baby Goes to Sleep 63. The Tree And The Clouds
14. He Eats A Candy Bar 64. Grandma And Grandpa Are Nice
15. A Backpack And A Bus 65. They Play Monopoly For Fun
16. An Airplane In The Sky 66. She Does Many Things After School
17. Lets Go To Disneyland 67. He Has NY Caps
18. His First Roller Coaster Ride 68. She Practices Flips For The Olympics
19. Birthday Cake And Candles 69. Hide And Seek
20. A Boat In The Tub 70. Watch The Magician Closely
21. Her Doll Is Like Her 71. A Pony Ride In A Corral
22. A Fork Spoon Plate And Carrot 72. Puddles Are Fun
23. She Sees A Worm 73. Ride On The School Bus
24. He Talks To Mom 74. She Does Her Homework
25. Car In A Car Wash 75. A Math Problem
26. Monkeys At The Zoo 76. A Noise In The Night
27. He Is A Chocolate Lover 77. A Stick And A Dog
28. The Circus Is In Town 78. The Pizza Is Hot
29. Is There Life On The Moon 79. A Farm Puzzle
30. A Penny Collector 80. The Playground In The Park
31. Red Trees And Red Cats 81. The Tree Climber
32. Comics In The Newspaper 82. Read A Book In Bed
33. Bright Stars In The Night Sky 83. Many Fish In The Ocean
34. A Water Fountain In The Park 84. Her Baby Brother
35. She Feeds Her Cats 85. A 3D Movie
36. He Builds A Snowman 86. Peel And Eat An Orange
37. She Swims Every Day 87. She Has Dreams At Night
38. She Rides Her Skateboard 88. The Teacher Yells At Him
39. He Gets A Weekly Allowance 89. Mom Is Sick In Bed
40. She Plays Basketball 90. The School Bully
41. Everyone Loves Babies 91. School Is Out For Summer
42. He Rides An Old Bicycle 92. Tell Kids A Good Story
43. Ants In The Kitchen
93. He Rides His Bike
44. A Popsicle House 94. They Call Him Four Eyes
45. A Boxer Dog Named Duke 95. Hot Day Cool Pool
46. Two Boys And A Baseball 96. A Book And A Phone
47. The Snow Melts On The Ground
97. Wheres The Itch
48. An Orange And Black Butterfly 98. Her New Blue Dress
49. Camping In The Woods 99. He Takes Care Of His Cold
50. Ride A Carousel Horse 100. The Alarm Wakes Him Up