Friendship Pins:
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"This is an old favorite. As kids we used to make friendship pins using safety pins and beads.

They were fun and easy to make and share.
This can be done with all ages (as long as there is proper adult supervision for the little ones).

If you were a girl during the 1980s, you probably were given friendship pins. . .and, more than likely, you created a multitude of your own and gave them away to all of your girlfriends as well.

Friendship pins have been a long-standing, easy craft item for decades and, even today, there are web sites dedicated to nothing but friendship pins and the patterns that the tiny beads can make by placing several of the safety pins together in a row. Kids make them. . .senior citizens make them. . .but in the early 80s, girls made them.

If you were a proud recipient of a coveted friendship pin, you proudly displayed it (along with every other friendship pin that you received) on your tennis shoes, attaching them to your shoe laces.

Whether you wore leather hi-top Reeboks, kangaroos, jazz shoes or a worn out pair of Chuck Taylor’s, if you had friends, you had pins on your shoes.

I found this very helpful color code (see below). But, I'll admit that I was unaware that specific colors carried any particular meaning at the time.

The friendship pin was just fun to make and receive.
The colors had more to do with the personal taste of the maker than any overt message.

Universal Bead Color Code:

• White: gentle, pussycat
• Red: strong, vigorous, sweetheart
• Orange: calm, buddy
• Yellow: intelligent, good friend

• Green: envious, enemy
• Turquoise: sensitive
• Blue: happy, hugs and kisses
• Black: sad

Because of the ease and low cost, this is a trend that is still going strong today. They even still make their way into today's fashions.

What You Need:
several safety pins (different sizes)
small beads (assortment of colors; glass or plastic)
plastic box to keep extra beads and pins in

What You Do:
Pick one of the pins.
String beads onto the pointed end of the pin; create any color scheme you like.
Put as many beads on as the pin will allow.